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Paint Effect

Do you enjoy watching the time lapse videos of an artist drawing his masterpiece? Do you want to make your illustrations come to live? Do you like the nice effect of the sketch animation videos? Introducing Painting Animator, the innovative algorithm that brings your images to life with stunning drawing and painting animations. With Painting Animator, you can transform any photograph, painting or illustration into a mesmerizing video that reveals itself stroke by stroke, as if an artist was creating it in real-time.

Whether you're a designer, marketer, or content creator, Painting Animator lets you unleash your creativity and add an extra layer of visual interest to your projects. Choose from a variety of backgrounds, such as canvas or paper, to give your animation a unique look and feel. And with multiple camera movements to choose from, you can create dynamic and engaging videos that capture your audience's attention.

Painting Animator is compatible with Adobe After Effects, making it easy to integrate into your existing workflow. Plus, with its intuitive interface and easy-to-use controls, you can create stunning animations in no time, even if you're not a professional animator.

So if you're looking to add a touch of magic to your images and bring them to life with the beauty of drawing and painting animation, get Painting Animator today. With its endless possibilities and creative potential, your imagination is the only limit.

The tool

The Painting Animator is easy to use tool that is made of two separate components. The first one is the Tracer, which is responsible for the realism of the result. It finds all the objects in the source image and follows their curves and fills, while gradually filling the canvas. The second component is an After Effects project file, which adds the camera moves and does the rendering.

The process

Start with the Tracer by importing your image. Then select up to three areas that will be used for close up animations. Define starting points, number of details, animation speeds and other variables that will make your animation unique. Import the calculations in After Effects by simply dropping a png file and render your stunning drawing animation.



Check out some demos animated with the Painting Animator. Images used are from Unsplash editor's Choice: 2017 Photos of the Year. A collection of the top photos in 2017, selected by Unsplash Editors. Unsplash - Beautiful, free photos. Gifted by the world's most generous community of photographers.


Paint Effect